The Pegasus Mini is a versatile mobile robot base designed for robotics research, education and prototyping. A lightweight differential drive robot which can be customised to your needs. Pegasus is designed for wide range of applications Including autonomous navigation and mapping. With a solid frame made of aluminium extrusion, the pegasus is designed to be modified to your liking. Add your own third party sensors and build your product on a reliable mobile base.



The Pegasus Mini comes in 2 flavours depending on your needs:

Base Only

Perfect for the user that has their own electronics solution, but needs a reliable sturdy base. Consists of a complete mechanical structure including the motors and motor drivers. Bring your own computer and sensors to the party and prototype your perfect robot base.


A fully functioning Pegasus Mini with a Jetson Nano for the processing, includes a single RGB camera with a 360 lidar. Everything you need to map and then autonomously navigate your surroundings. A power distribution board with all the monitoring bells and whistles and a 5.2ah battery ensures you keep track of your power usage.

Customization / Accessories

The Pegasus Mini is designed to be modified. A wide variety of sensors are available to complement your mobile robot. Expand your robot with a smart depth camera, or sonar range sensors, or even a robot arm. Contact us with your needs.