Disassembly Guide

  1. Remove the top and bottom panel by removing the 8 screws on the top panel (M8) and the 10 screws on the bottom panel (M8/M6).

step_1_a step_1_b

  1. For a Pegasus-mini using antennas - Remove the antenna/ antenna connector mounts from the back panel. Remove front/rear panel as well as side panels by removing their respective screws (M4).


  1. Remove 4 screws from each motor support plate (M6).


  1. Remove the mid support screws consisting of 4 screws (M6) found at the front and rear of the Pegasus-mini respectively.


  1. Lift mid support assembly from chassis of the Pegasus-mini.


  1. Loosen the two set screws found on each wheel axil bearing.


  1. Slide each wheel assembly out from their respective wheel axil bearing.


  1. Loosen the two set screws (M4) found on each wheel axil to remove in order to slide out motor shaft.


  1. Remove the wheel castor bracket from mid support assembly by removing the following 4 screws (M6).


  1. Remove the following 8 screws (M5) in order to separate mid supports from lidar mound and electronics tray.