Pegasus-Mini Mapping

The mapping feature on the Pegasus-Mini allows the robot to drive around in an environment and create a 2D Map of the environment. It does this by utilizing the Google Cartographer package. This package makes uses of various robot positioning data such as Lidar, Odometry and IMU * as well as real-time simultaneous localization and mapping (SLAM). In order to perform mapping ensure that the lidar scanner is connected to the Pegasus-Mini and you have been through Getting Started with ROS and installed all required dependencies.

  1. Run the Pegasus-Mini mapping launch file by running the following command:

roslaunch pegasus_base pegasus_base_mapping.launch
  1. Find the Network IP of your Pegasus-Mini. Open a web browser and type in IP-ADDRESS:8888 in order to view ROSboard. This will display all your ROS-Topics currently running, including mapping.


  1. Move the Pegasus-Mini around slowing as described in Remote Control by running the following command in a new terminal, in order to map your environment.

rosrun teleop_twist_keyboard