Getting Started with Navigation

The following documentation describes how to get your robot autonomously navigating an environment.


In order to perform navigation it is required that you a RP-Lidar sensor installed and connected to your Pegasus-Mini.

First things first, your Pegasus-Mini need 2D representation of its environment. This is obtained by using the Pegasus-Mini mapping feature.

1. Creating a Map

1.1 Place your Pegasus-Mini within the environment in which you wish to map.


The position from which you start the mapping process will be your initial position on the map with the co-ordinates and orientation of (x, y, theta) = 0, 0, 0.

1.2. Launch the Pegasus-Mini mapping package by running the following command:

roslaunch pegasus_base pegasus_base_mapping.launch

1.3. Drive your robot slowly around your environment by making use of Remote Control.


1.4. You can now save the map by use of the ROS map_server. Within your terminal, navigate to following directory /pegasus_navigation/maps and run the following command to save your map:

rosrun map_server map_saver -f map_name